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Description of SKI Services

I have divided the SKI site services into two subscription categories: Basic and Expanded. It's important that you understand the services that you will receive. Both subscription categories provide weekly weekend Updates, as well as access to the signals and the past Updates.

The Basic Service ($240 per year)

The Basic Service provides my weekly Updates written each weekend. The Updates will always be available on this site, but will also be emailed to you as soon as I write them. I will write them every weekend (even if I am in a hospital, as long as I am conscious). Unless a signal has been generated for execution on the following trading day (usually Monday), such Updates will have to include IF statements. For example, the Update will state, "If prices fall below USERX 10.28 by Tuesday, the 16-20 index will generate its buy signal. BUY on the signal on Wednesday." Therefore, Basic Service subscribers will need to check the SKI index calculation page on the site to see whether the signal has been generated for the next day. Although SKI Alerts are reserved for the Expanded Service subscribers, I promise to email alerts to ALL subscribers if a major (long-term) signal pattern is generated (i.e., double or triple buys/sells). Such special powerful patterns occur only once every one to two years. ACT.

The Expanded Service ($420 per year)

The Expanded Service is recommended. This recommendation may appear to be self-serving (since it costs more), but if it doesn't save/make you an extra $150 a year, there is something wrong with SKI and/or Jeff (or you're an extraordinarily small investor or someone who wants to act on only very rare and important signals). Expanded Service of-course includes the weekly weekend Updates, but also provides more frequent alerts as warranted by market movements. In the past few years, such alerts would have averaged about five per year. The alerts will tell you to be alert for a buy/sell alert execution tomorrow and/or to execute today (with the Alerts usually being sent at around 11:30 A.M. PST or in the evening recommending execution the next day). The Expanded Service also provides for participation in our SKI Forum, where I/we will briefly discuss/describe the day's activity. I will regularly participate in the Forum (but I can't guarantee that I can participate EVERY evening), but it is also supposed to allow for the exchange of information on individual precious metal stocks, bullion, etc. as well as assistance with psychological factors about to make you do something that you/we shouldn't be doing! The Expanded Service is therefore designed to enhance your buy/sell results by making sure that you are executing on the best day. Yes, SKI often comes within a day, or on the exact day of the low/high (You're not supposed to believe that is possible until you've experienced it!).

I take a personal interest in all SKI readers.

That is part of my pleasure and reward in doing this. To me, this is more than a business. Of-course, I can't spend hours providing individual advice, but all reasonable requests for advice will be answered. Finally, if you've taken the interest to read this far, I want to state what my website developer doesn't want me to say: If you are an extremely small investor, such that the annual subscription cost is more than perhaps .5-1.0% of your gold investment assets, I don't want you to be excluded. Email me or the website administrator to request special consideration. Personally, I wouldn't and haven't paid my money to any newsletter without having been able to follow them for months to years through bull and bear market periods (I am a cheapie). I also can't recommend newsletter services that provide only once-per-month advice: the gold stocks are too volatile and require more exact timing. The conundrum for me is that I can't provide a year's free access to show you that I am here to provide very helpful and profitable information. Sure, the website provides lots of true testimonials and SKI index history prior to subscribing, but, as a completely new reader, how believable are they? I strongly recommend subscribing for at least a year, even if you decide to simply observe SKI for that year before acting on the signals. You cannot form an appropriate judgment of SKI based upon one month or one highly profitable (or slightly unprofitable) signal. My best sales pitch is that, as of 1/3/2006, 94% of people who have read SKI for more than 9 months are planning to subscribe! The longer that one follows these indices, the more likely one is to understand and value them! And I truly value my long-term SKIers.

If you ever have suggestions or problems with service, please let us know.

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